e-mail: carolyn.mcandrews@ucdenver.edu

office phone: (303) 315-0028

I am an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Denver. I study the health, safety, and environmental effects of transportation systems.

I am interested in how urban planning, policy, and organizing influence the distribution of hazardous and protective environments in cities and regions.

My current research projects include:

  • Arterial roads and neighborhood livability
  • Evaluation of programs to increase walking and bicycling
  • Transportation injury risk across different groups of road users
  • Including public health in transportation policy agendas
  • Public participation in transportation decision making

The courses I teach in the Department of Planning and Design are:

  • Planning History and Theory
  • Transportation Planning and Policy
  • Transportation and Land Use Planning
  • Planning Healthy Communities
Selected recent publications (see all)
McAndrews C, Marcus, J. 2014. "Community-Based Advocacy at the Intersection of Public Health and Transportation: The Challeges of Addressing Local Health Impacts within a Regional Policy Process." Journal of Planning Education and Research, 34(2):190-202..


Integrating public health concerns into transportation policy agendas involves addressing the negative impacts of traffic on neighboring communities. Through interviews, focus groups, and participatory photo-mapping, we studied one community that advocated to improve community health through the design and reconstruction of an arterial road in their neighborhood. The transportation planning process provided an opportunity for neighbors’ participation, but it prioritized solving regional transportation problems instead of local impacts. The uneven adoption of public health concerns in this case was related to the constraints of regional planning and governance. Integrating health and transportation issues locally requires action at multiple scales.